14 December 2005

cat shit

Watching the cat wash his arse today, I couldn’t help but wonder about the taste of shit. Presumably cats have only two facial options available to them – closed mouth and open mouth – and are therefore unable to grimace. Possibly the taste of their bums doesn’t offend them. Or maybe the answer can be found in Mother Nature’s website FAQs, along with the explanation of why one’s own noxious emissions are so much more bearable than that of others.

You never see cats going off for a drink of water to get the taste out of their mouth after they are done washing and they do seem to spend a disproportionate amount of washing time licking their lookalike Cigarette-Smoker’s-Mouths compared to the rest of their bodies. I figured therefore that their kitty Goo Goos really doesn’t taste all that rank to them.

What remains a mystery however is why they narrow their eyes and glare in haughty disdain when their dinner is not quite to their taste. Even more curious is if all cats are fussy about their food yet all cats don’t mind washing their arses, why cat food manufacturers haven’t brought out cat food out in Feces Flavour?
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