02 March 2006


All this shit about burning flags over cartoons made me realise that there are not enough JaneyFlags about.


You will need:
1 x colour printer
1 x JaneyPic (right)

1 x craft scissors
1 x cocktail stick
1 x pot of glue to sniff
1 x pot of glue for flag

Step 1:
Save your JaneyPic by right-clicking it and saving onto your desktop. Mac users, I’m fucked if I know how you do this – perhaps go to an internet café and use a PC like the rest of the world?.

Step 2: Open the saved JaneyPic file, admire and worship my image for a few minutes and then print it out onto nice piece of white paper.

Step 3: Cut the printed image out carefully - mind you don't injure yourself with those craft scissors! Wrap the JaneyPic around the cocktail stick, glue it together and hold it firmly until dry. whilst are you standing about like a twat waiting the glue to dry sniff the other pot until you are high enough to be slightly crazy.

Step 4: Once completed you may either burn it, use it to decorate something or masturbate over it. If you chose to use it as a decoration please send me a picture and i will publish the best one. I would also like to see your masturbation pictures. thank you.

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