15 June 2007

Swap shop

Right, it’s time to sweep out the old and make way for the new as I present to you Jungle Jane’s inaugural "Swap My Shit For Your Shit" weekend. This is your chance to own invaluable Jungle Jane memorabilia – certain to be collector’s items in years to come – and my chance to own a little piece of you.

I have 3 items that I am prepared to offer up for your pleasure – browse at your leisure and decide which one you want the most. I am prepared to swap these 3 items (individ
ually) for something that you no longer require but you think I would like to own. Please note not that this is a fuck around – you will have to post your item to me (so it shouldn’t be too bulky) to the UK and you will need to email me your proper name and address so I can post you my item.

Please submit your proposed swap item ideas (you may make as many suggestions as you like) and I will decide who gets what. Please do not suggest livestock or your relatives.

My items for swap are:

My panties
One pair of my knickers (g-string, lacy). Please state whether you want them
soiled or not. The knickers will not be wrapped in tissue or anything fancy like that, however if you want them soiled I can post them to you in a plastic bag to retain moistness

“ToyJoy Perfect Partner”
Strapon (6" non vibrating) only used twice in lesbian romps. Can
be cleaned prior to dispatch if required. Currently an ornament on my mantelpiece, this will make a great present, decoration or belt. Oh and you can use it as a strap-on too. Reason for discarding: have upgraded to a sturdier model.

My child
I no longer require my daughter, Pixie Sprinkle. Please note that your item for swap needs to be sentimental to you – I’m not swapping my kid for a piece of shit.

Winners Honour Roll

Item: My knickers
Winner: Bugwit
Swap: His recently-no-longer-required-wedding-ring

Item: Strapon
Winner: Sausage
Swap: Figurine of a wolf anally entering a maiden

Item: Pixie
Winner: Sausage
Swap: One signed soiled photo of Ron Jeremy

I suggest all you winners leave a tearful acceptance speech and contgratulate each other on your blogs.

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